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Stadler Takes on Spare Parts Management for BLS

20 September 2013 Friday, 15:15
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Stadler Rail has received a contract from BLS for spare parts management for the new MUTZ double-decker multiple-unit trains (KISS type). Stadler Rail plans to expand its customer service division over the next few years. The order from BLS is the first time Stadler has been asked to stock and deliver all spare parts for a customer. Delivery of the 28 MUTZ vehicles for the Berne commuter railway system began in September 2012.

This new service has significant positive effects both for BLS and for Stadler: BLS only needs to keep a few spare parts in stock for the new fleet and can therefore optimise its costs, and it allows Stadler to offer its customers services beyond delivery of the vehicles as well as enabling findings about the trains to be incorporated in the development of future series. At the same time, there is real potential for synergies with ongoing series production at Stadler and other after-sales orders. This means it is a classic win-win situation for BLS and Stadler.

Delivery within 24 hours
Stadler is taking over spare parts management for the BLS MUTZ fleet, which involves storage of all items and delivery within 24 hours where required or within a different defined period for specific components. Stadler also always keeps a stock of components with a longer delivery time. BLS only pays for the actual parts required, and these parts are only invoiced after delivery.

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