Stadler Overhauls TEE Train

Stadler Overhauls TEE Train
March 30, 2014 9:08 pm

Stadler Rail has carried out important maintenance work on the legendary RAe TEE II 1035 multiple-unit train on behalf of SBB Historic. The work involved replacing the electric wheel-slip protection and anti-slide device and restoring the multi-system compliance of the drive. This means the train can now travel on all four power systems on the major European railways. Stadler also carried out the necessary test work on its four-system track in Bussnang. The work on the TEE represents a further milestone for the service sector, in which Stadler is active not only in Switzerland but also in Germany, Hungary, Algeria, Austria, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The RAe TEE II four-current trains were commissioned in 1961, setting new European standards at the time in terms of comfort and technology. They were among the most outstanding vehicles ever built by the Swiss railway industry and travelled to places like Milan, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam without long delays at the borders. They were still in daily international use up to 15 years ago. The existing RAe TEE II 1053 composition was then taken over by SBB Historic and restored to its original condition.

Specialist expertise at Stadler

To make the train compatible with all four power systems again, the electric wheel-slip protection and anti-slide device needed to be replaced. SBB Historic placed an order for this work with Stadler Rail last year. One of the company’s specialist areas is multi-system trains, giving it the relevant know-how for the engineering work required. Stadler carried out the fitting work at the SBB Historic depot in Olten. The train then travelled under its own steam to Bussnang, where Stadler has a test track with an overhead line which can feed in all four different power systems. Comprehensive tests over the past three days have successfully proven that the train is once again compatible with multiple-current systems.

Service as a growing business area

Stadler Rail is increasingly committed to the growing service sector. As well as overhaul and conversion work as carried out on the TEE, this includes long-term service and maintenance contracts for various fleets in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Algeria, Austria, Norway, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands. The company has already achieved excellent availability levels at all its sites so far. The front runner is the Westbahn fleet in Linz, which has achieved availability of 99.7%. Stadler offers various services and revisions, ranging from minor service work by mobile teams on sub-systems or vehicles to extensive repairs to vehicles severely damaged in accidents. This allows Stadler to build on its extensive company know-how in these service fields.


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