Siemens Unveiled Prototype of Inspiro Train for London Underground

08 October 2013 Tuesday, 10:41

Siemens has unveiled a full-sized train prototype featuring a smaller-profile body for the London Underground.

The prototype, which is built on the company’s existing Inspiro family, features air-conditioning, wide gangways, smaller-profile body, and an option for fully-automated operation. It is expected to cost £1m per carriage.
The prototype was produced by Curvature Group and the industrial design was overseen by Atlantic Design.
Designed to run automatically without the support of a driver, the train will feature LED lighting, onboard tanks with a phase-changing polymer. It is 30% more energy-efficient and 20% lighter than similar trains worldwide.
Siemens Rail Systems UK managing director Steve Scrimshaw was quoted by as saying that London, in common with many large cities around the world, faces significant transport challenges as a result of ongoing population growth and increased capacity demands.
“Our exhibition highlights some of the innovations that can be considered by cities to help their metro systems tackle these issues and help passengers benefit from an improved travel experience,” Scrimshaw added.
Siemens will submit the prototype to London Underground upon invitation of tender.
The prototype will be on display at The Crystal in London’s Royal Victoria Docks between 8 October 2013 and 8 January 2014.

Photo : Siemens

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