Siemens to electrify Denmark’s rail network

28 June 2015 Sunday, 21:39

As part of a consortium with construction company Per Aarsleff AS, Siemens has been commissioned by Danish rail company Banedanmark to electrify nine rail routes with a total length of some 1300 kilometers. “We will be equipping about 1300 kilometers of Denmark’s rail network with electrical overhead lines. This is something we are proud of, that shows how competitive our technology is,” said Elmar Zeiler, head of the Rail Electrification unit at Siemens. “Our overhead contact line systems increase the availability and cost-effectiveness of rail routes, while at the same time offering operators a green alternative to diesel traction.” Electrified rail networks allow speeds of between 160 and 250 km/h, as well as reduced operating and maintenance costs.
Electric traction is acknowledged the world over as the most powerful, fastest and most environmentally sound means of transporting passengers and freight. Denmark too is currently seeing a huge upsurge in rail electrification. Siemens is to fit overhead lines (2×25 kV) to nine tracks on Denmark’s rail network by the end of 2026. The electricity supply will also be installed with substations, auto transformer stations and remote control equipment. This ambitious project will kick off with the electrification of the 57 kilometer stretch between Esbjerg and Lunderskov in the south of the country.

Siemens to equip 1300 kilometers with electrical overhead lines
Electrification makes speeds of up to 250 km/h possible
Consortium order with a value in the mid triple-digit million euros range


Source : Siemens Press

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