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Siemens Signs a Contract with Lithuania

08 October 2007 Monday, 14:19
Rolling Stock Maintenance

Lithuania is to have the most powerful locomotive base in Eastern Europe, according to state owned-Lithuanian Railways which has just started trial runs of a new freight locomotive.

Manufactured by German rail technology company Siemens Transportation Systems, the six-axle, 138t diesel-electric Eurorunner can haul carriages of up to 6,000t, transporting 50% more freight per route than before.
The new locomotives are also fitted with an on-board computer and diagnostics system which can be operated by one driver at all times. Delivery of 34 Eurorunner locomotives is scheduled for 2009. The four-axle Eurorunner is in use by Austrian Federal Railways and by Kowloon-Canton-Railways in Hong Kong, among others.

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