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5 January 2013
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Siemens Installs CBTC System for Beijing Metro Line 10

Siemens has delivered a communication-based train control (CBTC) system on the 57km Metro Line 10 in Beijing, China.

The company has equipped the Trainguard MT automatic train protection system on the new Line 10 as well as on-board equipment for 84 trains.
Siemens said the system allows optimum train sequencing based on passenger levels while ensuring maximum safety, reliability and availability for metro operations.
Data between the metro line and the train is transferred through Airlink, while the CBTC system Trainguard MT will control the trains on Line 10.
With automatic train operation (ATO), the train runs smoothly and stops exactly in front of the platform doors.
It also issues an order for synchronous opening of the platform screen doors in addition to enabling punctual passenger operation.
Compared to usual train protection systems, the Trainguard MT needs less trackside equipment, such as signals and block signaling systems, according to Siemens.

Siemens Trainguard MT is already equipped on the Guangzhou and Nanjing metros, which have two lines each, as well as on the line that connects Guangzhou and Foshan.
The first phase of Line 10, the longest metro line in the world to have CBTC, was opened for operations at the start of the Olympic Games in 2008.
The newly-opened second section of the Beijing metro line 10, which connects the north-west to the south-east of the city as well as the south-western districts, has about 30km of track and 21 stations.
Beijing’s subway network is China’s second longest, with a total track of about 336km.
The extended line transports about two million passengers a day.

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