20 Apr 2021 Tue

Siemens has Won Order from Salt Lake City

20 May 2008 Tuesday, 00:45

Siemens Mobility has won an order to deliver 77 light-rail cars to Salt Lake City, US, in a deal worth €175m.

The contract with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), which has an option for an additional 180 cars, is the largest light-rail deal for the company in the US.
All Siemens vehicles are scheduled to be ready for service by 2012 and will be built in the Siemens manufacturing facility in Sacramento, CA, the company says.
According to the UTA, Utah is the fifth fastest-growing state in the country and it aims to expand its rail system to ease congestion for commuters.
UTA rail company FrontLines also says it plans to build 70 miles of rail in seven years including four new light-rail lines.

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