Siemens Digitizes Traffic in Wiesbaden

Hesse’s state capital Wiesbaden has commissioned Siemens Mobility to implement its “Digitalization of Traffic” (DIGI-V) project, which is based on the city’s “Green City Plan – Masterplan WI-Connect.” The project aims to implement measures that will reduce traffic-related emissions. To achieve this, environmental and traffic data will be recorded, analysed and processed in real time.

Siemens Digitizes Traffic in Wiesbaden
December 14, 2018 12:24 pm

“This is a flagship project for Siemens Mobility. With our years of experience as experts in traffic engineering, we’re making a strong contribution to clean air in Wiesbaden. This type of project is unique in Germany so far”, said Manfred Fuhg, Head of Siemens Mobility Germany.

By using the levers of mobility, logistics and data, together with the active management of road traffic, traffic-related emissions in the city will be reduced. The system requires a large volume of data and information provided by cameras and sensors that quantitatively and anonymously monitor the traffic volumes of a variety of users such as vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Additional information covering public events, the city’s mass transit systems and the changing parking situation is also included in the system’s analysis, along with data provided by environmental sensors.

With the help of Big Data analytics, the flow of data from the various sources can be processed and linked. Correlations can then be determined from the analysed environmental and traffic data, and appropriate measures can be identified. These real-time analyses are the basis for active, environment-sensitive traffic controls.

Siemens Mobility is not only providing the infrastructure needed for the project, but will also employ simulation models provided by the recently integrated software company Aimsun.

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