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Setrag to Buy New Locomotives

16 October 2015 Friday, 20:44

Société d’Exploitation du Transgabonais (Setrag), the state railway of Gabon, is taking delivery of six new locomotives – part of a long-term modernisation of the country’s freight rail operations.

The Railserve LEAF product uses two Cummins QSX15 gensets to minimise fuel usage and significantly reduce emissions while maintaining the performance of a traditional shunting locomotive. The DUAL LEAF is programmed to operate with only one genset under lighter loads, further reducing both fuel use and emissions. “This is Railserve’s first delivery of LEAF locomotives to a destination outside North America,” programme manager TJ Mahoney says. “In addition to its requirement for sustainable operations, Setrag was looking to modernise its locomotive fleet and have readily available parts for future maintenance needs.”

Railserve successfully modified the standard LEAF locomotive design for operation in Gabon, where specifications differ from those in North America. Cab interface markings and screens, for instance, are in French. Couplers are SA-3 – common overseas but not used in North America. Otherwise, the units are virtually identical to the more than 50 Railserve LEAF locomotives currently at work in the USA and Canada. Once the locos reach Gabon, Railserve staff will be present to commission them in conjunction with Setrag engineers. The locomotives were hauled by rail from Longview, Texas.

Source: RailwayAfrica

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