RZD Updated Railway Network Development Scheme

JSC Russian Railways Has Prepared an Updated Version of the General Scheme of the railway network development of JSC Russian Railways by 2020 and 2025

RZD Updated Railway Network Development Scheme
March 19, 2016 9:04 pm

On the March,16 at the central office of JSC Russian Railways in Moscow under the chairmanship of President Oleg Belozerov, the company held a meeting of JSC Russian Railways Scientific and Technical Council on the issue of [quote font_size=”20″]”Updating the Basic Parameters of the General Scheme for Developing the Network of Railways by 2020 and 2025 in the Regional Context.”[/quote]

It was attended by representatives of governmental organs; scientific, engineering, and social organizations; and shipping companies.

As was noted by Mr. Belozerov, the basis of the General Scheme is the public sector and corporate strategies of large companies.

[quote font_size=”20″]“We regularly carry out work with major shippers and representatives of related modes of transport, specifying the direction of development and improving quality, safety and efficiency. The update of the document in 2015 will take into account many aspects of a socioeconomic nature. The General Scheme reflects the prospects of social and sports activities and plans for the development of high-speed highways. Particular attention is paid to the Far East, Siberia, and southern Russia,” [/quote]said the head of JSC Russian Railways.

Based on the current state of the railway network, the target parameters of the General Scheme by 2020 have been determined and the vector of development up to 2025 has been designated.

By 2020, the turnover of goods is expected to reach 2.6 trillion t/km and that of passengers is expected to be 134 billion passengers/km; 2 100 km of additional main track will be built. The length of fast traffic in this area will exceed 3 100 km and that of high-speed traffic will be 770 km.

The forecast includes an increase in freight traffic by almost 17% and a 13% increase in cargo turnover.

For the development of long-term traffic of the General Scheme, it is planned to build 1 200 km of new railway lines by 2020 and another 750 km by 2025.

Given the role of railways in an international perspective, the General Scheme provides for the development of infrastructure of the East–West and North–South international transport corridors.

Among the activities included in the General Scheme, it is planned to develop railway border crossings, build a network of transport and logistics centers, take into account deepening cooperation with foreign transport companies, and implement joint projects for the development of rail transport.

Looking forward to 2025, the document provides for the construction of an additional 5 000 km to the main track, equipping 1 800 km of track with automatic train protection, and the electrification of 1 100 km.
The updated edition of the General Scheme takes into account the ongoing work on the classification and specialization of railway lines, including the revision of standards of detention units and infrastructure aimed at reducing the company’s expenses.

One section of the document is devoted to the development of fast and high-speed traffic. In 2015, it was updated with new principles of organization of the program of fast and high-speed communications in the Russian Federation. The main activities of the program providing the optimal speed ratio for passenger comfort and travel costs are reflected in the General Scheme.

According to all measures stipulated by the document, passenger rail transport in 2020 should increase by 11%.
In addition, the General Scheme laid down parameters for improving the quality specifications of rolling stock and infrastructure.

Funding comes from the funds of JSC Russian Railways, the state, and private investors.

[quote font_size=”20″]“The proposed General Scheme is aimed at improving the competitiveness of rail transport and transport system of the country as a whole and sets clear guidelines for our movement in the direction of the market and customer requirements,”[/quote] said Mr. Belozerov.

According to Deputy Transport Minister Alexei Tsydenov, the document is sufficiently worked-out and realistic and should be adopted as soon as possible. The General Scheme will be taken as the basis for the adjustment of the Strategy of development of railway transport by 2030 in terms of infrastructure development.

Taking into account the proposals made at the meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council, a decision will come within a month to conduct a revision of the document.

The development of the General Scheme is in accordance with the Federal Law of June 28, 2014, no. 172-FZ “On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation” and addresses the objectives of the Transport Strategy and the Strategy of Railway Transport Development up to 2030.
The General Scheme gives specific details of the development of rail transport projects confirmed every year while taking into account changes in the economic situation and market changes, and it serves as a basis for adjusting strategies and programs for the development of rail transport.

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