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RZD LLC and JSC Infrastructure Railways of Serbia Signed a Memorandum

31 October 2015 Saturday, 12:24

RZD International LLC (a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways) and JSC Infrastructure Railways of Serbia signed a memorandum of strategic partnership yesterday in Moscow. The signing took place during a visit to the Russian Federation by the Serbian delegation headed by Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić. The document was signed by General Director of RZD International Sergei Pavlov and CEO of JSC Infrastructure Railways of Serbia Goran Maksich.
The memorandum defines the procedure for the possible further involvement of Russian companies in projects related to rail transport and rail infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. In particular, we are talking about cooperation in creating a control center for the remote control of railway traffic in Belgrade, the further development of the Serbian school of vehicle design and construction, the possible involvement of RZD International to work on the maintenance of existing railway infrastructure of Serbia, and assistance in training Russian universities specialized in the Serbian railway specialists.
Recall that, from March 2014, LLC RZD International has been fulfilling a contract for works on the construction and reconstruction of railway infrastructure in Serbia. It was concluded in the framework of an agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Republic of Serbia’s state export credit in an amount of $800 million. The total contract amount is $941 million.

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