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RZD has Reduced Harmful Emisions by 40%

15 July 2010 Thursday, 06:51
TMH Vityaz Locomotives

Russian Railways has reduced harmful atmospheric emissions by 40% in the last six years as part of its energy saving initiative.

The firm also announced it reduced emissions of degenerated wastewater by 63%. The state-owned rail company claimed its energy strategy has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 625,000t each year from 2004 to 2010.
The company is also developing modern types of rolling stock and will also replace 30% of diesel fuel used in locomotives with natural gas by 2030.
The company is also expected to build the first mainline gas turbine-electric freight locomotive with a power output of 8,300kW, which can pull a 15,000t train.
The turbine-electric locomotive’s emission levels are expected to be five times lower than the requirements for diesel under the EU directive for 2012.

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