RZD has Best Results in Reducing CO2 Emissions

20 November 2015 Friday, 20:10
Dual Voltage EP20 Locomotives

Thanks to the implementation of the Environmental Strategy of JSC Russian Railways in 2007, RZD has  been successful in reducing unit costs for traction by 7.2% and CO2 emissions by 9.2%, which, according to the International Energy Agency and the International Union of Railways, is the best performance among leading railway companies in the world. This was announced in a report from Senior Vice President of JSC Russian Railways Valentin Gapanovich during a video conference dedicated to the implementation of environmental requirements for waste management in production and consumption.
The event was attended by representatives from the State Duma, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Rosprirodnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, regions of Russian Federation, and railway transport.

[quote font_size=”20″]“Russian Railways is clearly following the path of environmentally oriented development, the core values of which are respect for nature and the development of ecological culture,”[/quote] said Mr. Gapanovich.

According to him, the company is focusing on an integrated approach in addressing environmental objectives. All newly planned facilities will minimally affect the functioning of natural systems and will be implemented only on the basis of an analysis and management of environmental risks. The design and operation of hazardous industrial facilities is carried out in strict accordance with international law and Russian legislation.

In addition, JSC Russian Railways is systematically eliminating pollution associated with rail transport. Systematic work on the identification, inventory, and ranking of these facilities has been carried out. Over the past five years, JSC Russian Railways has liquidated 208 such contaminators. Ninety-two such facilities are scheduled to be shut down by the end of 2015.

Also, for real-time monitoring and participation in the development of regulations in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety, as well as to ensure effective and timely management decisions, JSC Russian Railways has taken the initiative to establish the International Center for Environmental Safety in Railway Transport. Railway companies of Estonia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan have joined in on this work.

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