RAIL.ONE Plans New Corporate Structure

09 June 2015 Tuesday, 22:33
Railway Track

RAIL.ONE Group intends to implement a new corporate organizational structure. Essential element in this reorganization is the separation of the present company RAIL.ONE GmbH into two companies: one for Germany, our most important market, and one for systematic further development of the international business activities.

The ongoing development of domestic and international markets in the field of railway infrastructure confronts the industry with ever new challenges. „It is our conviction that corporate adaptability is a crucial factor in assuring sustainable success in our dynamic, competitive business environment“, says Jochen Riepl, CEO at RAIL.ONE.

By creation of a company for Germany, one of the group’s most important markets, RAIL.ONE Group will more clearly dedicate its definite and long-term commitment to its regional and technological home. „Creation of more strongly focused structures in the core market of Germany will enable us to transfer customer needs into highly qualitative solutions even better than before; a stronger emphasis on innovation and development activities will provide powerful and reliable answers to future challenges“ commits Verena Moosburger, responsible for the German Business and designated CEO for this division. „ RAIL.ONE will internationally grow. As a result, we will access new markets with significant potentials – not only for us, but also for our partners and clients. With our new corporate structure, we will simplify control of this growth“, says Torsten Bode, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at RAIL.ONE. The new corporate identity will further enhance the international reputation and competitiveness of RAIL.ONE Group.


Source : Rail.One

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