Rail Cargo Invests for EBM Cargo GmbH

26 September 2015 Saturday, 20:15
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The Rail Cargo Group continues to expand in-house production in its target markets between the North Sea, the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The takeover of the private German rail operator EBM Cargo GmbH further enlarges RCG’s carrier portfolio, enabling the group to now also offer a one-stop-shop for end-to-end production in Germany.

Buying EBM Cargo, now rebranded into Rail Cargo Carrier – Germany, will further strengthen Rail Cargo Group’s position on the European rail freight market.

Detailed market knowledge offers a clear competitive advantage

Expanding in-house traction services is a key plank in Rail Cargo Group’s strategy. The focus is to offer high-quality train products in Central and South Eastern Europe, supplying cross-border traction services using a modern pool of locomotives. The purchase of the private German rail operator EBM Cargo represents the next big step in the strategy, extending RCG’s in-house production network to North Western Europe. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Gummersbach near Cologne, EBM Cargo is a profitable railway undertaking (RU) with an annual turnover of approx. 5 million Euro and extensive knowledge of the Rhein-Ruhr area.

Rebranded into Rail Cargo Carrier – Germany, EBM Cargo is now part of the Rail Cargo Group carrier portfolio, which covers freight operators running under the “Rail Cargo Carrier” umbrella brand in RCG’s core markets of Austria and Hungary, plus eight other European countries. Rail Cargo Carrier – Germany will managed by Frank Zelinski, one of EBM Cargo’s two founders, alongside Anton Forstner of Rail Cargo Group’s Production Management Division. Their goal is to further expand high-quality connections along the principal corridors from North Western to South Eastern Europe. “In-house traction provision allows us to offer customers higher quality levels, particularly in cross-border traffic, as well as on our intermodal service between Duisburg and Wels, on which we have been running ten trains per week with EBM Cargo since August”, said Rail Cargo Group board member Erik Regter.

Source : Rail Cargo Press Centre

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