ProRail Deploys NICE Situator

01 May 2013 Wednesday, 11:32

Netherlands-based railway infrastructure provider ProRail is deploying NICE Situator to help identify, verify and manage security, safety and operations in real time.

NICE Systems’ solution will also be instrumental in post-event investigation, analysis and the ongoing evaluation of event handling.
In order to carry out the project, NICE is partnering with Geodan, an expert in geographic information system (GIS) and crisis management systems.
With NICE Situator in place, ProRail will be able to handle tens of thousands of incidents a year across the Netherland’s rail systems, including on-track malfunctions, fire accidents and other crisis situations.
Security operators will be able to quickly and effectively respond to unfolding events as they take place by using NICE Situator’s automated and semi-automated tools, along with predefined response plans.
The solution is also expected allow ProRail to decrease operational downtime caused by accidents.
According to ProRail, hundreds of its employees from across the organisation will play a role in the operation of the system and will benefit from enhanced communication, collaboration and information sharing.
The NICE-Geodan solution, which will have the ability to identify, verify and respond to events in real time, will allow the Dutch railway infrastructure provider to mitigate risk and improve operations.
The new solution can also integrate with current and new systems, allowing ProRail to leverage its existing infrastructure.
ProRail director of Incident Management Hans Smits said that managing incidents quickly is a high priority within the rail sector, as the company intends to offer its customers safe and reliable transport.
“The joint solution offered by NICE and Geodan allows us to unify and centralize operations,” Smits said.
“This means that we can provide all stakeholders with a single picture of the situation, quickly inform relevant parties, and make the right decisions faster.”

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