Polish Railways Buys Two Ballast Distributing and Profiling Machines

19 April 2015 Sunday, 22:10

The Polish State Railways PKP adds two new universal ballast distributing and profiling machines, type USP 2010 SWS-U, to its fleet of high-quality track maintenance machines.

Using this machine, the storage capacity of the hopper can be expanded thanks to material conveyor and hopper units (MFS) coupled at the front of the machine. For this purpose, the entire hopper is lifted using hydraulic cylinders and a loading conveyor belt is extended.

This enables the storage capacity to be increased tenfold from 7 m³ to 70 m³. As a result, large quantities of ballast can be handled easily. Surplus ballast is picked-up from the track and placed exactly where additional ballast is needed.

The USP 2010 SWS-U is equipped with a centre plough, shoulder ploughs and one large sweeper unit for plain line track and turnouts. The work units are adapted to the output and its position ensures that the ballast is placed in front of the ploughing equipment. This guarantees technologically correct operation.

This machine offer is rounded off by the new machine control system P-IC 2.0 Plasser Intelligent Control. The clear menu guide via touch screens and universal operating units allows central access to all machine functions.


Photo & Source : Plassertheurer

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