New Commercial Partnership Binary System and Asola

From 2016 Binary System and Asola have launched a commercial partnership for the European market of software for the integrated railway undertakings management, crowning a successful collaboration during 2015 between the two companies.

New Commercial Partnership Binary System and Asola
April 14, 2016 4:12 pm

The two partners deliver high tech services, with the intent to integrate its activities and benefit from a greater supply to an already operational network of partners and contacts, as well as extending their trading volumes.

[quote font_size=”20″]”The Italian market is giving us great satisfaction – says Roberto Toscani, CEO of Binary System and founder of the brand SoftRail, the suite of software applications leader in the integrated management of railway undertakings in Italy – We believe that the partnership signed with Asola could be an excellent opportunity to strengthen our presence in Europe. For this reason – continues Toscani – we decided to invest in projects regarding integration of our products with the Asola system Twinzone and devise a collaborative business and distribution strategy.”[/quote]

With this partnership, Binary System and Asola are able to extend and complete the range of their offered products, permitting to satisfy all railway undertakings management’s areas, from the document distribution on Mobile and the planning of rolling stock and human resources to the reading of tachograph areas. [quote font_size=”20″]”We will be able to cover all needs, having a highly competitive and customizable product portfolio for the different European countries – declares Jeroen Le Jeune, the Swiss company’s CEO, which adds – the application TwinZone, like SoftRail package, uses an innovative algorithm to search and analyze the data processed by user into a single system, greatly reducing human interventions”.[/quote]

Today, thanks to this joint suite of products, enhanced to meet the needs of an even wider range of customers, the companies can count on a unique proposal and they are able to significantly affect their profitability, having the opportunity, through a single tool, to manage all available resources and organize operations (from the preparation and verification of the vehicles, to the training and coordination of staff) in a more efficient way.

The goal of the collaboration is to create a system according to a “companies and skills network” model which, today, represent a source of great redemption and absolute strength for business organizations. The partnership represents for both the companies the possibility of an even sharper market positioning, exploiting distribution synergies and offering integrated, effective and professional solutions to the European market, with greater reliability of supplying.
Binary System srl is the leading italian company for the production of software solutions conceived to manage operational activities of railway undertakings. Thanks to a technical team of researchers and to the well-established partnerships with most important devices manufacturers, Binary System has developed a suite of products which represents the excellence on the market for its usability, integration and mobility.

Asola, Swiss and Spanish multinational (Asola GmbH and Asola Twin SA), with its offices in the canton of Valais and in Tenerife, bases its Software House activities mainly on innovation. The Asola development team leverages its five-year experience in the railway sector, in addition to the knowledge and the use of the latest web technologies. It also
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