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Netherlands Starts to Test Tailor-Made Trains

06 November 2007 Tuesday, 20:23
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Netherlands Railways (NR) will start testing a ‘pioneer’ train tailor-made to cater for individual types of travellers.

Speaking at Railway Interiors Expo in Germany this week, programme manager for European transportation consultancy company Lloyds Register Rail Europe Peter Boom set out the concepts for new “life-enriching” intercity trains.

The pioneer project is designed to meet personality specifications and we have been working on different people profiles to categorise travellers,” Boom says.
“The challenge now is to translate these moods to the interior of the train.”

The designs are based on targeting different categories of people from the ‘socialiser’ who likes to commute in a busy atmosphere, to the ‘individualist’ who prefers to travel in a more unique environment.

The first test model will have four double-decker carriages to cater for four different types of traveller: the social seeker, individualist, convenience seeker and functional planners.

The designs look at an array of lighting systems and seating arrangements and include gaming facilities such as XBoxes and an in-carriage bar for ‘social seeker’ types.

Other innovative design ideas include play areas for children in addition to installing the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology in the carriages.

NS Railways is currently looking for partners to help implement the design and manufacture of the ‘pioneer’ train fleet which it hopes to launch in September 2008.

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