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Morocco Begun Alstom Citadis LRVs Tests

06 April 2010 Tuesday, 11:34

The testing of Citadis’ light rail vehicles (LRVs) has begun on Morocco’s first light rail network.

Accourding to the 1st of the 22 LRVs made a test run on the track, located in the Hay Karima district. Included in the examination was the interface between rolling stock, the catenary system and track.

It will also verify traction, braking and speed performance of the LRVs. The LRVs, produced for the Rabat-Salé network, have 118 seats and are capable of carrying 500 passengers.

The driver’s cabin and the interior and exterior fittings of the LRVs are designed to suit the Moroccan culture and Rabat’s artistic heritage.

Testing is expected to continue until the construction of the 20km, two-line network, is complete. The network, scheduled for opening later this year, will be able to carry 180,000 daily passengers from 31 stations. The final LRVs are expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2011.

Source : RailJournal

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