More Than 4100 kms of Track has been Reconstructed

In 2016, JSC Russian Railways continued implementing the project “Modernization of the Railway Infrastructure of the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Railways with the Development of Traffic and Carrying Capacity.”

02 February 2017 Thursday, 06:33

In 2016, JSC Russian Railways continued implementing the project “Modernization of the Railway Infrastructure of the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Railways with the Development of Traffic and Carrying Capacity.”

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In the eastern area, 116.6 km of railways was built last year (including 71.3 km of station tracks and 45.3 km of the second main track), 1200 railway tracks were renovated, and 222 sets of turnouts were laid. The excavation of 3400 m of the new Baikal tunnel was completed (a total length of 6.7 km).

Seven stations and ten passing sidings (a total of 72.8 km of station track); the second main line on sections Imbo–Ust-Orochi and Taksimo–Lodja (total 30.2 km); the bridge across the Bureya River and 11 small bridges at Taishet–Lena, Khani–Tynda, Tynda–Neryungri, Tynda–Urgal, Urgal–Komsomolsk, and Bamovskaya–Belogorsk; 170 railroad switches; 34.7 km of automatic train protection; 28.9 km of overhead line; 15 traction substations; and 2 subgrade-reconstruction objects at Khabarovsk–Ussuriisk and Turin–Karymskaya sections were commissioned.
In addition, industrial buildings for locomotive facilities at Zima and Ust-Ilim stations and houses at Magdagachi, Litovko, Vysokogornaya, and Obluch’e stations were commissioned.
In 2017, it is planned to implement 693 facilities at a total of 95.8 billion rubles.

This year it is planned to modernize 902.2 km of railway track and put into operation 21.3 km of overhead line, 31 power-supply facilities, 1 traction substation, 69.1 km of station tracks, 44 km of second tracks, 5.7 km of automatic train protection, 191 railroad switches, and 5 locomotive facilities.

In 2013, JSC Russian Railways implemented a set of priority actions to develop the railway infrastructure of the eastern area with the goal of eliminating bottlenecks in the Far East and Trans-Baikal railway to provide additional volume of goods delivered by Russian companies by 2020 (up to 66.8 million t per year over the level of 2012).

The total cost of the measures amounts to 562.4 billion rubles, including 302.2 billion rubles at the expense of JSC Russian Railways, 110.2 billion rubles from the federal budget, and 150 billion rubles from the Russian National Wealth Fund. Currently, 42% of the planned funding for the projects of the eastern area have been implemented.

In whole for the period of 2013–2016, the development and lengthening of station tracks was carried out (168 km), 199 km of second tracks was constructed, 4139.6 km was modernized and renovated, and 1666 sets of railway switches were laid.

In the period of 2013–2016, second tracks at 6 sections, 2 double-track inserts, and 17 passing sidings were put into exploitation; 23 stations, 3 tunnels, 33 traction substations, 13 bridges, and 10 houses were reconstructed or built anew.

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