Metrowagonmash Delivered 6 Rusich Cars to Sofia Metro

31 May 2012 Thursday, 12:17
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OAO Metrowagonmash dispatched two three-car metro trains to the address of Sofia metro. 81-740.2Б/81-741.2Б cars of “Rusich” type are delivered under the contract signed in 2011 and providing for the consignment of 18 three-car train-sets in total.

The first delivery (two rain-set) was made in April previous year. As per the contacts terms, 14 more train-sets should be sent out to the capital of Bulgaria by the end of this year. Rusich cars represent progressive engineering development carried out with due account for the world’s car building trends. The model’s design is distinguished by microprocessor control system ensuring safety and automatic diagnostics of all car equipment with data readout on the driver’s display; up-to-date redundant brake system; automatic fire detection and extinguishing system of “Igla – M5K” type.

A contemporary car design makes this car model complete. The car saloon and driver’s cabin are equipped with air conditioning systems. All-rolled wheels with noise-attenuating linings are applied in the car architecture allowing to reduce the moving train noise level considerably. The passenger saloon, driver’s cab and control box are lined with panels, which have surface with extended service life. Water-based paints and anti-vandal cover are applied for the car body painting. Metrowagonmash cars are in use in Sofia metro system since 1998, i.e. from the opening day.

At the present time the Sofia metro fleet amounts to 85 cars. All of them were manufactured in Metrowagonmash in various years. Nowadays, 81-740/741 Rusich cars are operated in the metro systems of Moscow, Kazan, Sofia.


Source : TMH Press Centre

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