Medellin Orders Metro Cars from CAF

10 December 2009 Thursday, 20:18

Spanish train manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) will supply 12 three-car trains to the Colombian city of Medellín, under a new $105m (€70m) deal.

The 69m-long 1,145-capacity trains will add to the existing fleet of 42 trains of the city’s 28.8km metro system, Metro de Medellín.

The trains’ delivery is expected to begin in 18 months and finish within 24 months.

The metro serves Aburrá Valley and its metropolitan area through the Metro Lines A and B, and Metrocable.
The new trains are expected to increase service frequency and meet future demand, particularly from the southern extension of Line A to Ancón Sur.

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