Madinah – Usfan Railway Project has Completed

25 August 2015 Tuesday, 14:05

The construction works of a rail project between Usfan and Madinah has now been completed, sources close to the Haramain Train Project said.

The 350-kilometer stretch of railway via King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh has 70 bridges intersecting major roads, according to the source. A test run is expected to be carried out before the end of this year.

It is understood sleepers have been laid down for the tracks between Rabigh and Jeddah and the airport bridge will be linked to the new direct road leading to Makkah. All bridges on Haramain Road have been demolished and new ones have been constructed in their place.

Several bridges in Makkah, including the 1,500-meter-long, 70-meter-wide bridge on the third ring road, are being completed.  Construction of a bridge across the Haramain Expressway linking the Jeddah train station in Sulaimaniyah District is progressing well, the sources said.


Source : constructionweekonline

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