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Learn more about enhancing urban rail operations at SmartRail Eurasia

09 January 2016 Saturday, 23:47

With only a few of weeks to go until SmartRail & Metro Eurasia kicks off, there could be no better time to take a closer look at our agenda.

With over $46 billion invested in Turkey alone the need to modernise and expand the rail network reflects the need to meet passenger demand. Rail and urban metro networks are feeling the pressure to improve reliability and increase capacity.

With this in mind SmartRail has dedicated an afternoon session on Day One to the session ‘Enhancing Urban Rail Operations’. The session will explore:

  • How to create and grow seamless networks.
  • How embracing digitisation can improve safety and operations.
  • How urbanisation and passenger demand can be effectively met.

The sessions will be followed by a panel session where as a member if the audience you will have the chance to share your ideas, have your questions answered and delve deeper into the issues faced.

Download the brochure to find out more about this session and the rest of the SmartRail Eurasia agenda

SmartRail encourages sharing and learning amongst the industry’s leaders. Join us there to be part of the debate and register today.

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