Kazakhstan will Modernise Rail System

10 June 2010 Thursday, 03:07
Train Freight transportation platform

Kazakhstan has signed supply contracts and rail sector cooperation agreements to modernise the Kazakhstan State Railways (KTZ) system.

KTZ has signed a €70m ($83m) deal with the KTZ-Ansaldo STS Italy joint venture for supply, signalling and telecoms services for the 293km Zhetigen Korgas railway.

An agreement with Alstom and Transmash Holding has also been signed for the joint production of around 200 electric freight locomotives.

KTZ and Patentes Talgo signed a memorandum of understanding to develop fast passenger services.

A joint venture will also be formed between KTZ and Patentes Talgo to construct and maintain up to 150 Talgo vehicles a year, according to railwaygazette.com.

The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development will provide $155m to install fibre optic communications and purchase 1,000 freight wagons.

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