Kazakhstan Plans to Create a New Transport Corridor

07 May 2015 Thursday, 22:33

Kazakhstan plans to create a Eurasian transcontinental transport corridor, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Tuesday.

“Kazakhstan should integrate into international transport and communications flows. We need to create a multi-modal, high-speed Eurasian transcontinental corridor,” he said at an extended meeting of the government. He said the word “high-speed” meant “removing obstacles of which there are thousands.” “This corridor will integrate all means of transport services – air, sea, railway and motor,” he noted.

It is planned to organize two routes of this corridor. “The first route is via Kazakhstan, Russia and further on to Europe. The second route is across Kazakhstan, from Khorgos to the port of Aktau, and further to the Caucasian countries across the Caspian Sea and further southwards – to the Persian Gulf via Iran,” Nazarbayev said, adding that the project provided for the construction of a new railway line across entire Kazakhstan to the sea port of Aktau, and directly to China.


Source : Tass.Ru

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