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Kazakh Railways has Selected IBM Technology

15 November 2010 Monday, 18:58

IBM has been selected by rail operator National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy to provide hardware and software services for Kazakh Railways.

IBM technology will aid in optimising freight and passenger operations across the 18,800km of the Kazakh rail network.

Under the project, IBM will work with Kazakh Railways to establish a system based on two disaster-proof data centres in Astana, which will help consolidate core freight and passenger management applications.

The system will safeguard and recover critical information and reduce the potential downtimes related to systems failure, according to IBM.

The system also includes an IBM z10 mainframe computer and the upgrade of the railway’s existing z9 mainframe connected by a Parallel Sysplex, including two high-end DS8700 disk storage subsystems, FICON/SAN directors and two TS3500 tape libraries.

Software includes IBM DB2 and WebSphere technologies and automatic application recovery will be managed by IBM Tivoli NetView, System Automation and GDPS technologies.
The KZT1.2bn ($8m) contract was signed in August 2010 and is expected to be complete in the first half of 2011.

Source : IBM

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