Israel Railways Announces Winning Bidder in First Locomotive Tender

05 September 2015 Saturday, 11:28

ISR published an international tender for the supply of 62 electric locomotives with an option for additional 32 locos. Last week Bombardier Transportation was announced as the winning bidder.

The new TRAXX 6.4 MW BoBo locomotives will be used to haul up to eight coach double deck or 12 coach single deck push pull trains at up to 160 km per hour.

They will replace existing diesel electric locomotives. 294 double deck coaches are currently going through a process of conversion to enable future electric operation.
ISR will soon publish a new tender for the supply of double deck electric multiple units.

IR CEO Mr Boaz Zafrir said that “The ISR electrification project is progressing and the vision is turning into a reality. Electrifying 420 line km is expected to totally change the face of ISR. Electrification will be a quantum jump for ISR operation and will be a key factor in its future ability to grow and achieve new goals.”

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