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Isolux Corsan is Awarded 3 Electrification Contracts in India

04 October 2015 Sunday, 17:32

Vikash Nigam, the state company in charge of rail management in India, has awarded Isolux Corsan three contracts for the electrification of 563 km of railway lines.

The contracts include the engineering, design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of electrification lines, switching stations, five traction stations, SCADA systems, signalling, telecommunications and other associated works in the states of Rajasthan and Karnata-Telengana. In addition, Isolux Corsan will be in charge of building works including substations control room buildings and staff quarters.

Rajasthan and Karnata-Telengana

In the state of Rajasthan there will be a traction substation and 198 km of electrified railway lines, while the other two contracts will be implemented in the state of Karnata-Telengana.

The first contract, in the Hubli Division of South Western Railway, involves the construction of 187 km of electrification lines and two traction substations in sections Hospet to Kudatini and Toranagallu to Ranjitpura.

The other project is in the Guntakal Division of South Central Railway and involves the construction of 178 km of electrification lines and two traction substations in section Kudatini to Guntakal.

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