19 Jun 2021 Sat

Iran Seeks Fund for Railway Projects

08 November 2010 Monday, 17:56

Iran is seeking funds of up to $25bn from foreign investors for various rail projects in the country.

Iran plans to construct 16,000km of railroads in the next 15 years in line with the Vision 2025 plan, wherein all the country’s provinces will be linked.

The country is in negotiations with China over a $2bn railway project connecting Iran’s western provinces, which will take over two and a half years to construct.

The proposed western railroad in Iran will connect with Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean port city of Lazeqiah, and plans are in place to extend the railroad to Lebanon, according to Iran Daily.
Around 40% of the work on the Qazvin Rasht railroad in the north of Iran is finished, with the rest expected to be complete in another year and a half.

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