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Indian Railways to Install Over 4600 Water Vending Machines at Stations

22 July 2015 Wednesday, 10:33
Railway Track

Taking forward the Railways plan to provide clean drinking water at stations in low cost, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is installing more than 4500 vending machines in the first phase across the country.

To begin with, the IRCTC plans to install 4,615 water vending machines (WVMs) in the first phase at various stations in the National Capital Region including Agra and Jhansi divisions besides the divisions of Lucknow and Varanasi among others.

Passengers can avail the water at affordable rates which will be Rs. 1 per glass, Rs. 3 for half a litre, Rs. 5 for one litre and Rs. 20 for a can from these vending machines, IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director AK Manocha said.

The move aims to benefit passengers at all stations and is a follow-up action to the 2015-16 railway budget that proposed provision of clean drinking water at low cost by installing water vending machines (WVM) at railway stations across the country.

We are using latest technology in the vending machines to minimise wastage of water, Mr Manocha said.

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