Hyperloop One collaborates with Dubai RTA for Hyperloop One system

“It will change the dynamics of how we move goods and people.”

12 November 2016 Saturday, 04:43

Global port operator DP World has signed a deal with US-based firm for the feasibility study to launch Hyperloop systems to carry containers from ships docked at Jebel Ali Port via the Hyperloop tube to a new inland container depot in Dubai.

Dubai-based company on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Los Angeles-based firm Hyperloop One to conduct feasibility study.
The study will initially focus on efficient handling of containers, costs, benefits, demand and volume patterns of moving cargo using the new technology.

DP World Group Chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said: “We continually strive to think ahead and foresee change to create the most efficient, safe and profitable trade solutions. With this collaboration, we’re leading innovation in our industry once again and by testing the Hyperloop technology at Jebel Ali for cargo use, we’re taking a first step in exploring new ways of enabling trade and underlining Dubai’s commitment to innovation

“The world is changing at a pace never seen before in our history and we intend to be part of a new revolution in transport, connecting markets and economies around the world. This is an example of leading innovation in our industry and pushing the boundaries in the delivery of goods. The potential to use these kind of technologies in emerging markets outside the UAE such as Africa and Asia with large land mass is significant.

Rob Lloyd, CEO, Hyperloop One, said, “This partnership allows us to embrace the innovation of the UAE and to utilise the creativity of DP World, while expanding the variety of use cases for Hyperloop. The UAE has taken a leadership role in pushing global transportation solutions to the forefront and we believe that it is the perfect market for Hyperloop.”

Port operator DP World is the latest company in the UAE to opt for hyperloop technology. Dubai Future Foundation earlier this month had announced that around 100 top engineers from all over the world would compete to design futuristic hyperloop transport system.

This new transport system will ferry passengers from Dubai to Fujairah in less than 10 minutes at a speed of up to 1,200km per hour.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a system that integrates a low-pressure pipe linking two stations enabling passenger capsules within the pipe to travel at high speeds of up to 1,200 km per hour. The technology is capable of reducing the time required for travel between New York and Beijing to just two hours. Experts say that the cost of building a single Hyperloop tube will cost just 10 per cent of the cost of building conventional high speed trains.

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