High Speed Train Run Over a Group of People in Spain

25 June 2010 Friday, 03:25

A high-speed train in Spain has run over a group of people, killing 12 and injuring 14 others.

The train was passing through Castelldefels Playa station near Barcelona when the accident happened. The group had arrived at the platform and were crossing the tracks to leave the station when the train came in from the other direction.

The pedestrian underpass is thought to have been signposted and open, however, eyewitnesses claim it was overcrowded.

The ministry said the rail line is now closed and an investigation is underway.
RENFE chairman Teofilo Serrano said he was certain the long-distance train was not exceeding the speed limit as it came through the station.

The victims, mainly teenagers, were heading to the beach for the annual San Juan festivities.
The incident is Spain’s worst rail accident since 2003, when 19 people lost their lives.

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