Helsinki Metro will be Automated Fully

20 December 2008 Saturday, 19:48
Sydney Metro

Finland’s metro network has signed a deal worth a €100m for renovations that will make the Helsinki metro network fully automated by 2013.

The contract for the renovation work – which will be conducted without interrupting or disturbing operations – was signed by Helsinki City Transport (HKL) and the Siemens Mobility Division.

Helsinki City Transport is investing in new technology to enhance the performance and the safety of the metro. This includes reducing the train headway from four to two minutes, adding capacity and enhancing service.

Helsinki City Transport’s CEO Matti Lahdenranta said that the automation of the system was well timed.
“The timing of the automation of the metro is optimal, as the control system of the trains would have had have been renewed in any case,” he said.

For the first time, a line and its depot will be fully automated while remaining in service, and keeping the existing trains.

The work will be carried out without any interruption in service, and in extreme weather conditions at times: the system has to remain operational at temperatures as low as –40°C.

Siemens will supply the Trainguard MT communication-based train control (CBTC) automatic control systems, the Vicos CBTC operations control system, the signalling system including the Sicas interlocking and the onboard communication facilities SiwiMedia.

Siemens will also provide the platform screen doors and the dynamic passenger information system. The system will also enable trains to run as multiple units.

The Helsinki metro currently covers 17 stations over a length of 21km, and the rolling stock consists of 54 trains, of which 51 will be automated. The contract will also feature an optional extension covering the metro automation for further seven stations, 13km and several trains.

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