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3 July 2015
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Gysev Cargo Buys 25 Flat Wagons

Gysev Cargo Zrt. has augmented its fleet of freight wagons by 25 container flat wagons. The wagons ordered last year have been delivered to Sopron and are ready to commence operating within the context of environmentally-friendly intermodal rail freight transport. The investment worth 700 million Hungarian forints (around 2.2 million euros) was financed by Gysev Cargo Zrt.

The container wagons were ordered last year from the vehicle manufacturer Astra Rail Industries. The company with headquarters in Arad, Romania and German interests started manufacturing the 25 wagons, each with six axles and 90 feet (27.5 m) long, this March and delivered them to Sopron at the beginning of June.

Hence, Gysev Cargo Zrt. now has 60 pieces of container flat cars and could therefore fulfil its former objective to significantly improve its fleet of vehicles required for intermodal – i.e. combined rail & road – transport.

The so called Sggmrss container wagons are generally used in continental transport and are able to carry a maximum of two containers, each 45 ft. long.

“Environmentally-friendly goods transport and logistics solutions are very important for Gysev Cargo Zrt. The share of combined transport within the total traffic volume is traditionally high – around 35%. There are immense opportunities in intermodal goods transport, because the increase of combined transport is a tendency that is well visible not only in Europe but also in the whole world,” said János Skála, CEO of Gysev Cargo during the inauguration ceremony.

The CEO pointed out that the investment worth 700 million HUF was enabled by the disciplined and successful financial management of the company.

It was only last year that Gysev Cargo completed the two-stage development of its container terminal in Sopron. Within this project, using EU funds, the container storage capacity of the terminal was increased by 20%, a container stacking machine and a high-capacity gantry crane were purchased, roofed lumber storage facilities were built and a GPS-based container tracking system was introduced.

Source: Gysev Cargo Zrt.

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