GE has Launched Tempo ETCS Interlocking System

25 April 2012 Wednesday, 07:10

GE Transportation has launched a new European train control system (ETCS) and computer-based interlocking system, as part of its new portfolio of rail signalling solutions called Tempo.

The company aims to enter the global European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) market with the new offering, which provides a complete range of ETCS-compliant wayside and onboard solutions.


Tempo Railway Solutions uses engineering tools and is designed around a hardware and software platform, which simplifies the execution of railway signalling projects.

The new solutions will help rail infrastructure managers and train operators meet their current and future requirements in terms of cost and time efficiency, while sustaining train control and interlocking systems with low revenue service impact and maximum energy efficiency.

GE PowerHaul diesel locomotives are expected to be used as ETCS Onboard Controller (OBC) demonstrators from 2013. Tempo Railway Solutions builds on the company’s experience in designing and deploying rail signalling systems around the world, as well as employing the new hardware and software technologies that have been developed at its recently opened centres of excellence in Italy and France.

GE Transportation’s Intelligent Control Systems accounts director Franco Fabbian said: “We are expanding our reach and building on our expertise beyond our traditional markets.”

GE’s PowerHaul series locomotive is engineered to generate more horsepower and tractive effort, while lowering fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when compared to locomotives currently in use.

The train, which reduces fuel use by up to 9% in compairon to current operating fleet averages, is equipped with the V16, twin-turbo PowerHaul engine, an advanced AC traction system and dynamic braking.

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