EN 15612: Railway applications — Braking — Brake pipe accelerator valve standard

EN 15612: Railway applications — Braking — Brake pipe accelerator valve standard
November 26, 2023 12:43 pm

The EN 15612 standard, titled Railway applications — Braking — Brake pipe accelerator valve, is a crucial specification for the railway industry. This standard provides guidelines and requirements for the design, manufacturing, and performance of brake pipe accelerator valves used in braking systems.

1. Purpose:

The primary purpose of the EN 15612 standard is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of braking systems in railway applications. Brake pipe accelerator valves play a vital role in controlling the brake pipe pressure, enabling effective communication between the locomotive and the rest of the train.

2. Design and Construction:

EN 15612 specifies the design parameters and construction requirements for brake pipe accelerator valves. It covers aspects such as dimensions, materials, tolerances, and mechanical properties. Compliance with these standards ensures the durability and reliability of the valves under various operating conditions.

3. Performance Requirements:

The standard defines the performance criteria that brake pipe accelerator valves must meet. This includes their ability to maintain desired brake pipe pressures, response time, leakage limits, and resistance to environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and vibration. Meeting these requirements guarantees the consistent and predictable functioning of braking systems.

4. Testing and Validation:

EN 15612 also outlines the testing procedures and validation methods to assess the compliance of brake pipe accelerator valves with the standard’s requirements. These tests may involve examining pressure response, flow characteristics, sealing effectiveness, endurance, and other relevant performance indicators. By undergoing rigorous testing, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the necessary safety and quality standards.

EN 15612: Railway applications — Braking — Brake pipe accelerator valve standard

In summary, the EN 15612 standard for brake pipe accelerator valves in railway applications plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and functionality of braking systems. Its guidelines cover design, construction, performance, and testing aspects, providing a comprehensive framework for manufacturers to adhere to. Compliance with this standard promotes interoperability, reliability, and overall efficiency in the rail industry.

For more detailed information on EN 15612: Railway applications — Braking — Brake pipe accelerator valve standard, you can refer to the official document in PDF format. To access the complete standard, you can download it from the relevant authority’s website or other trusted sources.

Remember that adhering to industry standards is essential for professionals in the railway sector as they strive to maintain safety and optimize system performance.

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