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DB Signs MoUs to Expand Presence in China’s Rail Market

German rail company Deutsche Bahn has signed two memoranda of understanding (MoU) in Dalian in a bid to increase its presence within the Chinese rail industry.

17 June 2016 Friday, 10:37
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One of the MoUs signed with manufacturer China Railway Rolling Stock (CRRC), was to confirm continuation of the parties’ cooperation to establish and optimise a maintenance system for high-speed multiple units.

The agreement was also signed for the provision of mutual support in remedying operating problems related to wheel-on-rail contact. CRRC uses a fleet of 1,400 trains to operate a 19,000km high-speed network. The company will receive maintenance and repair support from DB for its operations.

Deutsche Bahn’s management board;TEXT chairman and CEO Dr Rüdiger Grube said: “The People’s Republic of China is an important market for us and will remain so in future.

[quote font_size=”20”]”In view of the plans to invest more than €300bn in transport infrastructure, we wish to benefit from the growth and potential in China.”[/quote]

Under the second agreement, DB Engineering & Consulting will work on a regional transport project in China as part of a consortium. The company has a consultancy contract for the operation of regional transport routes in Dalian. Deutsche Bahn was also involved in the construction of Metro Shanghai project, which includes the development of the high-speed network and the Transrapid in Shanghai.

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