CR says it’s Owed More than $500K for Work on HSR Plain

13 December 2014 Saturday, 17:29
Railway Track

A Canadian Pacific Railway attorney is trying to persuade the state Claims Board to hand the railroad more than half-a-million dollars for work on a high-speed rail plan that Governor Scott Walker abandoned.

Brian Baird told the board Tuesday, December 9th that the railroad deserves $500,715 for work performed at then-Gov. Jim Doyle’s request to help the state prepare a bid for federal funding for the line. Walker killed the project when he became governor, saying the line would be too expensive to maintain.

State attorney Kathleen Chung told the board the state has no obligation to pay because the railroad never signed a contract. Baird says the railroad was trying to be good corporate citizen and honor Doyle’s request for help.

It’s unclear when the board may issue a decision.

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