21 Apr 2021 Wed

China Approves Rail Construction Projects

19 November 2007 Monday, 21:00
Bombardier Sifang

China’s Ministry of Railways says work has begun on 16 new express passenger rail projects, including a 115km line connecting Beijing and Tianjin.

The Ministry says 12,000km of express rail lines will be operational and linking provincial capitals by 2020, according to local media reports.
The Beijing-Tianjin route is expected to be completed in time for the Beijing Olympics next year, despite work on the tracks only beginning days ago.
The line, which will allow trains to travel at speeds of up to 300km/h, will halve the journey time between the cities to just 30 mins.
China’s State Council has also approved the feasibility report on the planned 1,318km high-speed railway linking Shanghai and Beijing.
If constructed it will be the longest high-speed rail line in the world.

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