CEN/TR 17420 : Design for trams with respect to pedestrian safety standard

CEN/TR 17420 : Design for trams with respect to pedestrian safety standard
January 21, 2024 11:01 am

CEN/TR 17420: Design for Trams with Respect to Pedestrian Safety Standard

In the railway industry, the safety of pedestrians is a critical aspect that requires careful consideration during the design and operation of trams. One key standard that addresses this concern is CEN/TR 17420: Design for trams with respect to pedestrian safety.

**CEN/TR 17420** provides guidelines and recommendations for designing tram systems to ensure the safety of pedestrians in their vicinity. The standard takes into account various factors such as urban and suburban environments, specific tram types, and pedestrian behaviors. Its purpose is to minimize the risk of accidents and collisions between trams and pedestrians, promoting safe coexistence in shared urban spaces.

The standard outlines several technical aspects related to tram design and infrastructure that contribute to pedestrian safety. These include:

1. **Vehicle Design**: CEN/TR 17420 specifies requirements for tram design elements like front-end structure, visibility, warning signals, and driver assistance systems. These features aim to enhance the detection of pedestrians by tram drivers, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

2. **Infrastructure Design**: The standard also covers infrastructure considerations, including tram stops, platforms, and crossings. It provides recommendations for the layout, visibility, and positioning of these elements to ensure pedestrian safety while embarking, disembarking, or crossing tram tracks.

3. **Interaction with Other Road Users**: CEN/TR 17420 emphasizes the importance of tram operations in relation to other road users, such as cyclists and motorists. It highlights the need for clear signage, road markings, and signaling systems to promote awareness and cooperation among all parties.

4. **Urban Planning**: The standard recognizes the role of urban planning in creating safe tram environments. It encourages close collaboration between urban planners and transport authorities to optimize tram routes, prioritize pedestrian-friendly designs, and implement suitable traffic management strategies.

By adhering to CEN/TR 17420, tram operators and designers can ensure that their systems meet the necessary safety requirements. Implementing the standard’s recommendations enhances pedestrian visibility, reduces blind spots for drivers, and fosters a safer environment for all road users.

CEN/TR 17420 : Design for trams with respect to pedestrian safety standard

In summary, CEN/TR 17420 is a crucial standard that addresses the design considerations for trams with respect to pedestrian safety. It provides comprehensive guidelines for vehicle design, infrastructure layout, interaction with other road users, and urban planning. By following these guidelines, professionals in the railway industry can contribute to creating safe and efficient tram systems that prioritize pedestrian well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about CEN/TR 17420: Design for trams with respect to pedestrian safety, you can find the complete document in PDF format on the official standards organization’s website or through relevant industry resources. Downloading and familiarizing yourself with this standard will facilitate your work in designing and operating trams while ensuring the highest level of pedestrian safety.

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