Californian Rail Authority has Selected New High-Speed Route

15 August 2008 Friday, 12:56

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has selected a new route for a high-speed rail line.

The train will link San Francisco to San Jose and then proceed into the Central Valley, according to US press reports.
The authority has also approved studies that support the 800-mile route, calling it the most environmentally responsible option, writes the San Jose Business Journal.
According to the reports, some officials believe the route will add miles and time to any eventual connection between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area.
The rail authority also took the first steps toward developing faster commuter train services through Altamont Pass, the more direct route from Sacramento to the Bay Area, says the newspaper.
Voters will decide on 4 November whether to approve a $9.9bn bond measure to help fund the $40bn project.
The first phase is set to cost about $30bn, with $9bn coming from general obligation bonds, about a third sought from the federal government and the rest from the private sector and local contributions.

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