Bombardier CPC Signed a Contract with NUG

Bombardier CPC Signed a Contract with NUG
September 9, 2015 2:14 pm

Bombardier Transportation announced today that its joint venture Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Co. Ltd. (BCP), has signed another contract with the Chinese New United Group (NUG) to provide MITRAC propulsion and control equipment for the Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corporation. This is the fourth contract that the joint venture has signed for Chinese urban mass transit systems in 2015.

The total value of this year’s four contracts is approximately 866 million CNY ($ 136 million US, 122 million euro). BT’s direct share in the four contracts is valued at approximately 193 million CNY ($30 million US, 27 million euro). Bombardier owns 50% of the shares in BCP and the joint venture is jointly controlled by Bombardier and New United Group.[1]

This most recent contract is for Beijing Metro Line 16 and its scope includes engineering, manufacturing, testing, commissioning as well as the initial delivery of spare parts for traction converters. Jianwei Zhang, President and Chief Country Representative, Bombardier China, said, “This latest order is one of our eleven public tenders won in China for propulsions and control equipment since 2014. We are very proud to continuously power the rapid development of Chinese urban mass transit systems with our proven and reliable technology. As always, Bombardier is committed to delivering high quality products on time.”

The equipment for the recent four contracts will be supplied from Bombardier Transportation’s facilities in Västerås, Sweden and Changzhou, China. Once delivered, Chinese vehicle manufacturers will mount the components on metro trains for operation in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin. The customer’s decision to collaborate with Bombardier again proves the company’s strong position in supplying propulsion equipment to external rolling stock manufacturers. This includes the delivery of components and hardware but also providing full support during integration, making Bombardier one of the top suppliers to the Chinese mass transport market. With eleven public tenders won since 2014, the Bombardier joint venture will supply the Chinese market with more than 2,500 metro cars equipped with MITRAC propulsion equipment.

1 Contract for Beijing Metro Line 16: Total JV value: 363 million CNY, $57 million US. Bombardier direct share : 57 million CNY, $9 million US
Contract for Shanghai Line 9, Phase 3: Total JV value: 187 million CNY, $29 million US. Bombardier direct share: 57 million CNY, $9 million US
Contract for Shenzhen Line 7: Total JV value: 171 million CNY, $27 million US. Bombardier direct share: 53 million CNY, $8 million US
Contract for Tianjin Line 5: Total JV value: 145 million CNY, $23 million US. Bombardier direct share: 26 million CNY, $4 million US

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