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BLTC Opens Office in China

02 July 2015 Thursday, 15:09

Belintertrans-Germany GmbH, subsidiary of the State Enterprise “Belintertrans – Transport-Logistics Centre” of Belarusian Railways (State Enterprise “BLTC”), has opened a representative office in Beijing, China. The main goal of the representative office is to foster cooperation with the Chinese companies and to access the local transport and logistics market. The main activity of Belintertrans-China will be to provide forwarding and logistics services.

The PRC representative office is the fifth representative office opened by State Enterprise “BTLC” abroad. There are already representative offices in Russia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland. Until present, “BTLC” has had representative offices in all regional centres (administrative centre of oblast) of Belarus.

BTLC is the leading forwarding enterprise among national forwarding companies. State Enterprise “BTLC” was nominated for the “Best Result of the Year” and won the “Forwarding Company of the Year 2014” award by the decision of the advisory board of the Association of International Forwarding Companies and Logistics (BAME).

As an affiliate of the State Association “Belarusian Railways”, BTLC focuses on international freight transport. Furthermore, it arranges and provides container and multimodal transport and door-to-door delivery services within the local market.

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