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Australia will Buy New Railway Vehicles

15 November 2010 Monday, 18:37
Railway News

The state of Victoria in Australia is set to invest A$723.4m to improve transport in the region, including an expansion of its rail network.

The government has allotted A$82.5m for the grade separation of the Main Road level crossing in St Albans and A$6.3m to refurbish the W-Class tram fleet for the City Circle Route.

It has also allotted A$135.3m for 20 VLocity train carriages, A$39.8m for 20min off-peak frequencies on the Geelong line, and $800,000 for Parkiteer bike cages at train stations.

In addition, the government will provide more station staff, a central CCTV control room, additional Transit Police and Metro staff, and a Metro safety control centre to actively monitor train stations.

The state said it had recently ordered 50 trams and approved additional weekly train services to increase capacity for another 20,000 passengers to accommodate peak-time travel in the morning and evening.

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