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Athens Invests in Railway Upgrade for 40m Euro

03 September 2007 Monday, 07:47
Railway Infrastruter Project

Athens’ suburban railway is to recieve €40m in upgrades in a bid to improve operating conditions and timetables.

Erga Ose, a subsidiary of the Greek national railway, has awarded French transportation company Alstom two electrification contracts for the SKA-Kiato and Inoi-Halkida (Athens region) suburban lines.

The work will include the construction of an overhead catenary line for the Inoi-Halkida line making it possible to operate the 22km of single track at a speed of 120kph, instead of the current 80kph. Both rail lines will increase in speed by the end of the two-year contract period.

The contract also includes the upgrade of the electrification system and the fibre optic telecommunications interface.
Alstom has previously supplied the Athens metro and airport links from the city.


Source : Alstom

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