Alstom Incorporates Eco-design in its Electronic Traction Equipment for Metros

20 December 2014 Saturday, 17:01

Alstom is incorporating eco-design into its electronic traction equipment for metros and, in particular, its IMPN safety unit, which guarantees the safety of the train in the event of any drive train anomalies. This approach has cut the energy consumption of the safety unit by 32%, greenhouse gas emissions, throughout its entire lifecycle, by 31% and reduced the consumption of natural resources by 56%, in particular thanks to a 30% decrease in weight (187 grams less than the old unit).

Alstom’s electronic products are developed on the Villeurbanne site, a centre of excellence for the design, production and maintenance of both on-board and trackside electronic products. Since 2013, the Villeurbanne site has been committed to making significant reductions in its environmental footprint, working on the entire lifecycle of its products, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the products’ lifecycle.

The efficiency of this approach was pivotal in helping the site obtain ISO 14001 certification in January 2014. Villeurbanne became the first Alstom site to receive this ISO certification, both for its environmental actions on site and for its continuous improvement approach towards the environmental impact of its products. Its level of maturity was estimated at 3 out of 4 during the first assessment using the “AFAQ eco-design” method developed by AFNOR.

Eco-design is a comprehensive approach in force across Alstom. Environmental teams are working on other aspects of the lifecycle of rail transport solutions, such as reducing noise levels and vibration; using clean, recyclable or natural materials; reducing emissions into the air or water; reusing packaging and raising awareness of eco-design amongst suppliers.

Source : Alstom

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