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29 October 2016
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Alstom Eyes on Turkey’s Railway Projects

French integrated rail transport systems producer Alstom’s CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge said Alstom has taken interest in Turkey’s regional high-speed rail line, subway and signalization projects and will bid for the country’s continuing and upcoming railway project tenders.

He said if his company can win tenders for high-speed rail line projects, they will make more investments in the country in accordance with the domestic supply condition.

Underlining that Alstom has been a reliable partner of the Turkish railway sector for more than 60 years, Lafarge said they are determined to maintain this strong cooperation for many more years to come. Alstom offers a broad range of solutions and special services in high-speed trains, subways and trams, as well as maintenance, modernization, infrastructure and signalization. Lafarge continued, “Alstom is a preferable partner for Turkey to join the upcoming train projects.”

Alstom takes part in Turkey’s public projects through technological investments. Founded in 2012, the company’s Istanbul office is the center where it manages all of its projects and investments in the Middle East and Africa. Alstom employs 200 people at the Istanbul office.

According to Lafarge, Turkey is looking forward to making more investments in the development of the Turkish railway sector and making further contributions to the Turkish economy. Stressing that the Turkish government has a long-term vision, Lafarge said the Turkish government relentlessly continues to invest and carry out projects in accordance with its 2023 vision objectives despite regional challenges.

He touched on Turkey’s 36 billion euros worth of investments which it aims to complete by 2023, saying the country has assertive objectives regarding both urban and intercity transport. [quote font_size=”18″]”We are quite excited about these projects, including the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s five billion euros worth of subway line,”[/quote] he said.

Lafarge highlighted that Alstom offers all of the solutions that Turkey needs, from railway infrastructure systems to signalization, noting that they therefore taking interest in all railway projects, and especially in regional high-speed rail line, subway and signalization projects.

Pointing to the fact that the world’s need for infrastructure investments continuously grows due to rising urbanization, industrialization and population, Lafarge said the global railway market will grow by more than 3 percent over the next five years and Turkey will be one of the leading countries of the regional railway market.

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