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19 December 2016
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Alstom and NTV Unveil the 1st Car of Pendolino Italo Train

Alstom and NTV reveal the front car of Pendolino Italo, a year after the signature of the contract and the presentation of the design. The train is manufactured at the production site of Alstom in Savigliano (Italy), a centre of excellence for high-speed trains.

With the twelve Pendolino ordered last year plus the existing fleet of 25 AGV, the Italo fleet will reach a total of 37 Alstom Avelia trains. This will allow the private Italian operator to expand its current network and to respond to a demand for new routes and increased frequencies for travellers. The trains are scheduled to be delivered by December 2017 and to enter service in March 2018. The other Alstom sites involved in the production are Sesto San Giovanni, Bologna and Nola depot which will handle maintenance for 30 years, as it already does for AGV Italo trains.

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Ruby red with the characteristic golden hare, the Pendolino Italo is an evolution of the Pendolino family. The train is an example of high performance and reliability as well as great elegance. The futurist front end is designed to provide crash protection. The train is environmentally friendly, thanks to its high recyclability and reduced CO2 emissions. Moreover, its optimized distributed traction system enhances efficiency and acceleration and regenerates energy while braking. These trains can reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h, are 187-metre-long, composed of 7 cars and can accommodate around 480 passengers. The train features full compatibility with the very latest 2014 TS regulations established by the European Union. This EU standard contributes to guaranteeing high levels of safety and efficiency.

“Today is a great day for us. We are very proud to present these new trains that will enable us to grow”, said the President of NTV, Andrea Faragalli Zenobi

“With this investment we will increase our fleet by 50%, we are ready to face this new challenge with enthusiasm. Special thanks today to those Italian entrepreneurs who in 2006 had this intuition called Italo, on which few would have bet initially and which is now a well-established Company. ”

“The Pendolino is a versatile, high performance train. We sold more than 500 Pendolino trains worldwide, which exceeded one billion kilometre in operation. The realization of this new generation of trains for NTV has given us the opportunity to adapt the Pendolino to the latest safety standards and interoperability in Europe, opening up new opportunities worldwide for this product made in Italy “, said Michele Viale, Managing Director of Alstom in Italy.

Pendolino is part of Alstom’s Avelia range of high-speed trains. The Avelia range is based on 4 current flagship products – Pendolino, Euroduplex, Liberty and AGV – representing the culmination of 35 years of expertise and more than 1,050 trains in service around the world.

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